What To Expect From An HVAC Service Call

Many people do not give a thought to their heating and air conditioning unit until it stops working. Many will even ignore small signs that it is not working properly, such as frequent or constant running or having to reset the thermostat all the time to stay comfortable. When you take the time to have regular service calls, you can avoid these problems and get advance notice of a system that is going to need replaced soon. [Read More]

3 Furnace Maintenance Steps For Warm, Comfortable Winters

When winter season approaches, you as a homeowner need to take the right precautions with your property. Perhaps one of the most important is maintaining your furnace, as it brings in warm air when it's needed the most. Make sure this appliance works effectively and efficiently by considering this care guide for more information. Perform a Visual Inspection Sometimes the best way to identify potential problems is to perform a visual inspection, months before winter approaches. [Read More]

3 Energy Efficient Upgrades To Make To Home & Heating System More Efficient

You can make upgrades to your home that will improve its overall energy efficiency without investing in an entirely new heating system. This is a smart move to make, especially if your heating system is not that old, but you want to reduce your overall energy costs. #1 Get Rid of Air Leaks One of the things that causing heating systems to be less efficient doesn't have to do with your actual heating system. [Read More]

A Few Things You Need To Decide If You Are Thinking About Changing To Propane To Heat Your Home

Propane is a good alternative to other heating fuels for your home. It is more eco-friendly and burns cleaner than oil costs, less than electricity, and is more energy efficient than gas. You will need to have an HVAC technician come to make the change to your system. Once that is done, you have a few decisions to make before calling to have a propane company deliver a tank and fill it: [Read More]