How You Can Easily Avoid Expensive And Complex Water Heater Repairs

Without a working water heater, you would have no hot water in your home. This can put a damper on many important daily activities, from taking showers to doing dishes. You can keep your water heater working at an optimal level thanks to these steps, though.  Keep the Water Heater Area Clear In order for a water heater to perform at an optimal level, it needs to be completely clear of junk and other household items. [Read More]

New To Having Central Air Conditioning? Know What Things Can Go Wrong

If you are moving into a home for the first time that has central air conditioning, you may be looking forward to having your home feel much more comfortable in the summer. However, the central air conditioning system can break down over the years from the wear and tear of running it. Here are some common problems that could arise with central air conditioning. Refrigerant Leaks A central air conditioner works by taking a highly pressurized refrigerant and pushing it through a tube until it reaches an evaporator coil. [Read More]

Home Ventilation & Moisture Control

Mold is something that you don't want to spread in your house, as it can cause serious health problems. For instance, black mold is one of the most dangerous types because it can cause health problems that are fatal. Have you seen mold in your house and have no idea why it has continued to spread? There is likely a high level of moisture in your house that is in need of being reduced by pinpointing the cause, such as making your house more ventilated so air can flow through easier. [Read More]

Reasons A Central AC System Will Not Turn On

If your home starts feeling a little humid and hot, even though you turned the thermostat on so your central AC would kick on, you may want to go check your system to see if it's working. If your AC services system is not even kicking on, even though it should be, it might be due to one of the following reasons. The Power Supply Was Cut Off One of the easiest fixes for an AC system that will not turn on is turning the power supply back on if it was shut off, and there is one main place to check for this, which is the breaker panel. [Read More]