3 Situations That Warrant Help From A Commercial Refrigeration Company

If you own and manage a restaurant, one of the most important appliances to maintain is the refrigerator. Unfortunately, it will break down from time to time. If the following problems are present, be sure to hire a commercial refrigeration company right away. 

Damaged Seal

If a seal gets damaged on one of the doors of your commercial refrigerator, cool air could be escaping. This can lead to spoiled food in no time, which is why you need to hire a commercial refrigeration company immediately.

First, a technician will see if the damaged seal can be fixed. It may be able to be patched over with a sealant. If it can't, the technician will replace the seal entirely. They'll make sure the right seal is used to create a tight close, helping cool air stay in your commercial refrigerator again. 

Strange Sounds

If your commercial refrigerator is working optimally, then it should not make any strange sounds. If it does, that could be a major indication that a part is experiencing problems. In this case, hire a commercial refrigeration company right away.

The sounds may be coming from the compressor, fan, or motor. The technician that comes out will inspect these parts, seeing if there is any structural damage. The fix may be as simple as tightening some screws. If the problem is severe and a major component has to be replaced, the technician will let you know and also show you some available options. 

Ice Buildup

A telltale sign that something is majorly wrong with your commercial refrigerator is the buildup of ice. This shouldn't be happening if the temperatures are where they're supposed to be. If you see a bunch of ice accumulating, be sure to hire a commercial refrigeration company. 

A lot of times, the problem involves faulty door gaskets and refrigerant leaks. These issues need to be handled by a licensed technician. The contractor that comes out will analyze the performance of your refrigerator and see why ice is building up when it shouldn't. With their help, you'll get the temperatures ranges back down to optimal levels.

Commercial refrigerators play an important role in most restaurants today. If you run into a severe complication with yours that you don't know how to address, be sure to hire a commercial refrigeration company. They have specialized skills and tools that are necessary to fix a wide variety of issues, saving you time and money.