Reasons For HVAC System Short Cycling

Have an HVAC system that seems to constantly turn on and off during the day? This is a problem known as short cycling. This problem is not only an inefficient way to heat and cool your home, but it can put unnecessary stress on the appliance. Thankfully, this is a furnace repair problem that has a few common reasons as to why it is happening.

Air Flow Restrictions

Do you remember the last time you changed your air filter? You may be surprised at how it can make a big impact on the operation of the furnace. If that filter is absolutely packed with all sorts of debris, the airflow coming out of your HVAC system will be restricted. You may have an issue with the heat being trapped in the air handler and causing the furnace to become too hot, so it is shutting down as a safety precaution and not heating your home to the proper temperatures.

Changing the air filter is one of the easiest things you can do to solve furnace short cycling. See if that does the trick, and if not, investigate another possibility.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Dual HVAC systems for heating and cooling will also have an evaporator coil to provide cool air. It works by absorbing the heat found in the air and transferring it outside your home, and then pushing that cool air through the vents. If the evaporator coil is completely covered with debris from not being cleaned, then the unit will start to short cycle. The evaporator coil is another part that can suffer from reaching extreme temperatures due to being dirty and shutting down.

Buy an evaporator coil cleaning solution to see if it can fix the problem. It works by spraying a foam onto the coils to remove the dirt.

Thermostat Location

Once thing to consider is if the thermostat's location is playing a role in short cycling. This can affect both the furnace and air conditioner for the same reason. You may have a thermostat located directly underneath a vent, which will cause the temperature at the thermostat to reach the desired temperature very fast. Since the entire home is not brought to the right temperature, the HVAC system turns off and the temperature at the thermostat changes quickly. It results in the system turning on and off in quick succession, along with a home that is uncomfortable.

Reach out to an HVAC professional to help with repairing any of these problems.