Furnace Troubles? Tips To Help You Identify And Repair The Problem

If your furnace has stopped producing warm air, or it's not coming on at all, you need to diagnose the problem quickly. There's still a few weeks of winter left, which means you still need your furnace to keep you warm. Here are some things you need to do to help you isolate and identify the problem.

Start With the Furnace Door

If your furnace isn't starting up the way it should, you need to start with an inspection of the unit; particularly the furnace door. If the furnace door is open, or is no longer fitting properly, the safety switch may have engaged. If that's happened, your furnace won't come on. The safety switch is designed to prevent your furnace from igniting when the door is open. If you see a problem with the furnace door, you'll need to have it replaced immediately.

Reset the Circuit Breakers

If you've recently experienced a power surge, or even a lightning storm in the area, your circuit breaks might have tripped. If they have, you can take care of the problem right at the main electric panel for your home. You'll just need to reset your circuit breakers. Locate the breakers for your furnace and switch them to the off position. Leave them off for about 30 seconds and then switch them back on. If your circuit breakers feel spongy, or don't remain in the on position, you may need to replace them before your furnace will operate properly again.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

If your furnace simply won't turn back on regardless of what you've tried, you need to have your furnace serviced. You could have a problem with one of the issues described below.

Limit Switch

If your furnace was running non-stop before it broke down, the limit switch may have burnt out. You'll need to have that replaced as soon as possible.

Improper Lubrication

If you didn't have your furnace lubricated at the start of winter, it might be overheating due to increased friction.

Electric Ignition

If your electric ignition has failed, your pilot light won't ignite. Unfortunately, that means that your furnace won't come on until it's repaired.

Spring may be right around the corner, but that doesn't mean you're ready to be without your furnace. If your furnace isn't working properly, the information provided here will help you get it back up and running. For assistance with your furnace repair needs, contact an HVAC contractor, such as at Barnetts Heating & Air Conditioning.