2 Tips For Selecting An Outdoor Location For Your Home's New Central Air Conditioning Unit

If you have never had a central air conditioner before and are preparing for the installation of a new system, you may have been asked to pick out a spot for your new unit. However, you may be uncertain of how to go about the process. If so, use the following tips to help you select an outdoor location for your home's new central AC unit.

1.  Pick an Area Free From Trees or Shrubbery

When you first step outside to choose a location for your new air conditioning unit, first survey the area around your house for any thick shrubbery or trees. If possible, you will want to avoid these section of your yard. If you try to place your AC unit next to a lot of brush or under trees, you will face a couple of issues. First, the leaves and debris from the shrubs or trees will constantly fall on the unit, requiring you to clean it off every few days, especially in the autumn.

Second, if you place your unit too close to a growing tree or bush, it will eventually push up against the unit. This would then block the airflow going into the air conditioner, which could cause your AC unit to work harder than normal and could shorten its lifespan.

If possible, select a spot that is well away from these areas. However, if your yard is full of trees and bushes, you may have to be willing to cut some of them down to make room for the unit.

2.  Choose a Location That Is Flat and Slightly Elevated

After you have found a bare spot or one that you are willing to clear, the next thing you need to look at is the ground itself. The air conditioner will need a flat area on which to rest to keep the compressor and fan balanced.

When you do find a flat area, look at the elevation of the ground. If it looks as though there is a slope, this would not be ideal for your air conditioner, as it will carry water towards the unit. The area should already be slightly elevated, or you should be able to easily add compacted dirt to help raise the unit's platform up.

Using the tips above can help you choose an ideal spot for your new central air conditioning unit. However, if you are having problems with the selection process or do not see an area that would best suit the unit, seek out advice from an HVAC contractor, like Polk Air Conditioning, who is performing your AC installation.