3 Reasons Why Your Ductless Air Conditioner Isn't Working

Do you have a ductless air conditioning system in your home? They can be a highly effective way to cool your home. They're especially useful in situations where central air isn't a feasible option, like an addition to a home or a climate that only gets mildly warm. A ductless air conditioner can be inexpensive, and is relatively simple to install. It can also effectively cool an entire room, or even a whole house if you split off multiple vents.

Just like central air units, though, ductless air conditioners can have issues. It can be frustrating when they stop working, especially if the weather is hot and you need cool air. Fortunately, many of the issues that cause ductless air conditioner issues are relatively simple, so you may be able to troubleshoot them yourself. Below are a few common ductless air conditioner issues and how to resolve them.

The filter is dirty. Many air conditioner issues start with a dirty filter. Your filter removes dirt and contaminants from the air as it recirculates through your home. That means you get cleaner, cooler air. However, the dirt collects on the filter over time. As the filter gets dirtier, it becomes more difficult for air to pass through. That means your air conditioner has to work harder to get your room or home to the desired temperature. Over time, that can put a strain on the unit and even cause it to fail. Start by changing your filter. Try turning the unit off, replacing the filter, and letting the unit rest for a bit. Then restart it. Very often, this simple step is enough to resolve most air conditioner issues.

The coolant level is wrong. Coolant is perhaps the most important element in the cooling process. When your unit was installed, you or your installer should have put in enough coolant to meet the the manufacturer's recommended level. You could have issues if you have either too little or too much coolant. Too little and your unit may not reach your desired temperature. Too much coolant could force your unit to turn on and off quickly. In either scenario, your unit could fail altogether. Check your coolant level and add more if necessary. If you're not comfortable handling coolant, contact a ductless air conditioner professional.

There's an electrical problem. Electrical issues can often cause ductless air conditioner malfunction. Obviously, your unit is wired into your home's electrical system. It's possible that the breaker has flipped. Try turning the breaker off and on to see if the unit kicks back to life. You could also have bad wiring connecting your compressor and vents. This is especially true if you hear the compressor running, but nothing is coming out of the vents. You also may want to check the grounding wires in the unit. If the compressor isn't grounded properly, the unit could be vulnerable to power surges or other electrical issues.

Still can't get your unit to work? Contact a ductless air conditioner repair unit in your area. They can help you identify the problem and determine a solution. For more information, contact a company like Universal Refrigeration today.