How You Can Easily Avoid Expensive And Complex Water Heater Repairs

Without a working water heater, you would have no hot water in your home. This can put a damper on many important daily activities, from taking showers to doing dishes. You can keep your water heater working at an optimal level thanks to these steps, though. 

Keep the Water Heater Area Clear

In order for a water heater to perform at an optimal level, it needs to be completely clear of junk and other household items. Failing to alleviate this clutter can limit the amount of oxygen your water heater gets, which will cause it to run inefficiently. Additionally, the burner chamber can get damaged because of clutter.

Inspect the area around your water heater, whether it's in the garage or inside your home. If items are near it or even wrapped around it, move them to a more suitable location. Your heater will then receive the right amounts of oxygen each time it's used.

Test Tank Water for Sediment 

There will be times when sediment starts building up inside the water heater tank. Even small amounts of sediment can cause harm to your tank, preventing it from lasting as long. That's why you need to check for sediment at least once a year.

You can do this by draining some water from your tank. Set up a bucket underneath the drain valve and then open this valve slightly. After some water has come out, inspect it thoroughly for sediment. If it's present, you may want to have your tank completely drained. This helps prolong the life of your tank. 

Have the Water Heater Professionally Inspected 

Even if your water heater seems to be working great, it doesn't hurt to have it professionally inspected at least once a year. Then, if small complications are present, you can deal with them in a proactive manner before you have to deal with expensive repairs. A licensed water heater specialist will come out to your property and make sure your unit is performing correctly and safely.

In addition to checking for rust and major part damage, this specialist will make sure your unit is working efficiently. If the specialist does find a problem, you'll receive an in-depth report that lets you know how much the hvac repair will cost. These specialists can also provide insightful tips to help you take better care of your water heater, such as turning down its temperature. Doing this, even by a few degrees, can save you a lot of money and prevent your unit from working harder than it has to. 

The water heater is a pivotal appliance to keep an eye on for your home. So that you don't have to deal with costly repairs on a consistent basis, put as much effort as you can into its maintenance.