Reasons A Central AC System Will Not Turn On

If your home starts feeling a little humid and hot, even though you turned the thermostat on so your central AC would kick on, you may want to go check your system to see if it's working. If your AC services system is not even kicking on, even though it should be, it might be due to one of the following reasons.

The Power Supply Was Cut Off

One of the easiest fixes for an AC system that will not turn on is turning the power supply back on if it was shut off, and there is one main place to check for this, which is the breaker panel. You should look there is see if there is a tripped fuse. If so, reset the fuse and see if this helps. If the power to your AC system was disconnected in some way, your system will not be able to run until you reconnect the power supply.

Unfortunately, AC problems are not usually this easy to repair. If you find that this is not the problem with your system, you will probably need to call an AC repair company to help you find and fix the problem.

There Is a Problem with the Wiring

In some cases, AC systems will not turn on due to wiring problems. This could be a wiring problem from the system to the breaker panel, or it could be a wiring problem within the system. Additionally, if there is a wiring problem from the thermostat to the system, it could be preventing communication between these two devices, and this would also stop an AC system from firing up.

There Is a Problem with One of the Components in the System

AC systems can also stop working if any of the parts stop working properly. For example, an AC system has a motor. If the motor is faulty, the system will not be able to run. Secondly, a problem with airflow could prevent a system from turning on. You can often tell if there is an airflow restriction by looking for ice buildup in the system. If there is ice in the system, it typically indicates a lack of airflow, and this too would cause a system to not turn on.

Hiring an AC company is typically the best way to find out why your system is not working. If you would like to schedule an appointment for repairs, contact an HVAC company in your city today.