What To Expect From An HVAC Service Call

Many people do not give a thought to their heating and air conditioning unit until it stops working. Many will even ignore small signs that it is not working properly, such as frequent or constant running or having to reset the thermostat all the time to stay comfortable. When you take the time to have regular service calls, you can avoid these problems and get advance notice of a system that is going to need replaced soon. Here is what to expect when an HVAC technician comes for a routine maintenance call.

Complete System Check

The technician will check over the system completely. If you have one that handles both heating and cooling, they will make sure that both systems are working properly even if it is not the season for one of them. They will check all components, including the filters, and let you know what needs to be repaired or replaced. You can have the work done at this visit, or if money is tight, schedule a time when you can better afford the extra work.

Clean Everything

Even if you are good about cleaning or changing the filters and brushing or washing off the external parts, dirt, dust, and debris can get inside the unit. The technician will open the unit and clean all the internal parts you cannot reach.

Safety Inspection

Once the mechanical inspection is complete, the system is clean, and any repairs made, the HVAC technician will do a safety inspection. This will include checking for any gas or oil leaks in the unit and all connections, checking that the wiring is intact, and making sure the breakers are secure and strong enough to carry the electrical load.


One of the best things about having regular maintenance checks is to get any questions you may have about the system answered. You can ask about the thermostat settings for the best energy efficiency, maintenance tasks you can do regularly to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently, and any noises, smells, or other problems that will require repair. Take advantage of this time to learn about your system so you can avoid major problems in the future.

HVAC technicians have trained to understand the complete process of heating and cooling your home.  They should be licensed, insured, and bonded to come to your home and work. Any work they do should come with a guarantee so that if something goes wrong after they leave the return visit will not cost you extra money if it should have been fixed on the previous call. Don't wait until the system quits when you need it the most. Routine maintenance calls can save you a lot of money, time, and keep your home from being uncomfortable.