3 Furnace Maintenance Steps For Warm, Comfortable Winters

When winter season approaches, you as a homeowner need to take the right precautions with your property. Perhaps one of the most important is maintaining your furnace, as it brings in warm air when it's needed the most. Make sure this appliance works effectively and efficiently by considering this care guide for more information.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Sometimes the best way to identify potential problems is to perform a visual inspection, months before winter approaches. With any luck, you'll spot a problem and fix it before expensive repairs result.

During your inspection, look at the evaporator coils. If they are frozen, you need to shut your system off for an adequate time until they are completely dry. If the issue keeps occurring, you may need to have your system serviced by a certified technician, as there may be a problem with the airflow. 

Look at the furnace and make sure all of its parts, including the belts and bolts, are in good condition. Any signs of rust on the parts may indicate that they have worn and need to be replaced. 

Set Up a Programmable Thermostat

Sometimes the culprit of heating problems is not the furnace itself, but the thermostat controlling the temperatures. Your thermostat may be faulty and outdated, a problem that can easily be fixed with a programmable thermostat. It offers many advantages over traditional models. 

For example, the thermostat can turn on the furnace during certain points of the day when outside temperatures are the coldest. Your furnace can then last much longer because it works in an efficient manner. The extra efficiency also lets you save money on energy bills during the winter. 

Replace the Furnace

There will be a time when your furnace stops working properly, no matter what maintenance steps you perform. If the frequency of repairs dramatically goes up or the furnace has reached its life expectancy, according to the manufacturer's manual, it's time to install a new heating system.

There are many different types you can select from, including gas furnaces, gravity warm-air furnaces, and  hot-water systems. After you've made your selection, contact an HVAC technician to help out with the installation. They'll install the system quickly and provide maintenance tips you would have never thought of before. 

To have a stress-free winter season, maintain the furnace before it's too late. Not only does this help you stay warm, but it decreases your chances of dealing with expensive and complicated repairs.