Helping Mom Get A New HVAC Unit? 3 Strategies For Making Sure It Lasts

Now that your mom is older, you worry about her anytime that the temperature hits an extremely high or low. In fact, you've been nagging her for a couple of years now to get rid of her outdated HVAC system and have it replaced with one that is reliable. Fortunately, she's finally come around to your line of reasoning, and you can't wait to help her get the best heating and air conditioning system possible. As you get started on this big decision, use these tips to help your mom stay comfortable in her house for many more years:

Choose an Experienced Installation Company

There are many HVAC installation and repair companies in most communities, and it is important to avoid working with an inexperienced technician or sales person who is only looking out for themselves. Reputable HVAC companies employee experienced technicians who are licensed to perform their services and undergo training to make sure that each job they do meets standards. Make sure to check for signs of a good company such as having a website and being able to vouch for their technicians' training through certifications and licenses. This way, you can trust them to work on your mom's property.

Make Sure the New One is the Appropriate Size

A common mistake people make when they replace their HVAC systems is getting one that is the wrong size. An inappropriately sized unit will not be able to keep up with the demand for cold or hot air. Have a professional assess the size of your mom's home to find a unit that is the exact match. Once a proper unit is placed, it should be more energy-efficient than the former one, which your mom will notice in lower utility bills.

Help Her Set Up a Maintenance Schedule

New HVAC units that are properly sized and installed should last ten years or more. However, this does not mean that she can simply install it and forget about it. Even new units must be maintained seasonally, and the air filters need to be changed every one to three months. After the unit is installed, spend time with your mom to see what she can do with your help such as changing the filters. Then, schedule the next seasonal inspection so that she doesn't have to worry about it.

Your mom deserves the best, and you know that having a comfortable house affects her overall health and happiness. By helping her get the best new HVAC system possible, you can enjoy knowing that she is safe and comfortable no matter what the thermometer outside reads.

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