Quick Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Indoor HVAC System In Premium Condition

Few experiences are as satisfying as coming into a home that features a central air HVAC system, especially after a jog in the summer or a trip in a car with AC that's on the fritz. Feeling the sweat on your body instantly dry up will make you thankful for making such a smart investment, but you also must protect it. In most cases, you'll only need to have your HVAC system inspected on a yearly basis but it makes sense to take every possible step you can to keep it functioning properly. Utilize these recommendations for keeping residential indoor HVAC units in the best shape possible:

Run Your HVAC System Only When Necessary

Although there's nothing wrong with keeping indoor HVAC units on when the weather requires it, you don't want to keep it on all year long. If your HVAC unit is under warranty you can get it repaired in case something shorts out, but you can help avoid this type of inconvenience by giving your heating and cooling system a break every so often. Use your programmable thermostat to regulate when your HVAC unit switches on and off, then make adjustments as the seasons change.

Check And Replace Your HVAC Filters Before They Get Filthy

Your HVAC system will run even if the air filter is dirty, but it will compromise the quality of the air in your home. Additionally, your heating and cooling unit can become clogged from all of the dust and dirt being pumped through it. It only takes a few moments to check the air filter and replacement is fast and easy. Changing the air filters located in indoor HVAC units ahead of schedule will keep the need to make service calls and emergency repair appointments to a minimum.

Perform Regular Inspections On Your Entire HVAC System

Knowing that indoor HVAC units turn on and off when you alter their settings is undoubtedly reassuring, but you will feel even better after checking all components. Go into your basement and take a look at your AC condenser to see that there are no blockages. You can also check all visible air ducts and examine them for holes and cracks. Lastly, you want to test each one of your vents to ensure that they open and close and don't have anything stuck in them. By performing these simple maintenance check and scheduling annual inspections for indoor HVAC units you will be able to count on maintaining a dependable heating and cooling unit for a long time to come.

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