Hello, Summer! A Guide To Preparing Your Air Conditioner

Summer is in the air, and temperatures are climbing higher every day. If you have not turned your air conditioning on yet, then the time is coming soon. But before you reach for that thermostat, there are a few things you should to to ensure your AC keeps running efficiently and effectively throughout the coming season.

Check your air vents

Throughout the spring when you were not really using your heating or air conditioning, furniture, toys, and other items may have gotten accidentally pushed in front of your air vents. They may block the flow of cold air and decrease the efficiency of your system once you turn the AC on. To avoid issues, move these items now. Also check to ensure that none of your AC vents are closed.

Inspect the drain line

Take a close look at the condensate drain line, which is typically located in your basement next to the AC coil. If you see any mold buildup or a clog inside of it, put a shop vac up to the end of it to clear out the clogging material. Otherwise, you may end up with water all over the basement floor when the air conditioning switches on.

Change the filter.

Your AC unit likely uses the same filter that your heating system used all winter. This means that the filter that is in there is probably dirty and clogged. A clogged, dirty filter leads to an inefficient system and may even cause your air conditioner to super-cool and freeze over. So, head to the hardware store and buy a new filter of the same size. Dispose of the old one.

Turn on electrical connections

In the fall, you should have turned off the power to your air conditioner for safe keeping. Now, it's time to turn the power back on. There's likely a power switch next to your outdoor AC unit. Otherwise, you may need to flip the circuit in your circuit box that is connected to the air conditioner.

Trim back weeds

There have been a few warm weeks for weeds to grow this spring! If those weeds are growing up against and next to your air conditioner, they may block the flow of air. Cut them back, being careful not to let the weed debris make its way into the air conditioner itself. Also trim back any bushes that may be near the air conditioner. You want a steady, open flow of air to the unit.

If you notice that anything is amiss with your air conditioner as you follow the tips above, contact your HVAC contractor or All American Air & Electric, Inc.. It's better to take care of minor issues now than to wait and go without air conditioning on a hot summer day.