Key Facts To Consider When You Want To Add Central Air To Your Home That Already Has Forced-Air Heating

If you are tired of the extra expense and noise associated with using your window air conditioning units, it is time to consider investing in central air conditioning for your home. However, doing so is a big task, even though you are fortunate enough to have a forced-air heating system. In addition, your choice of air conditioners can be infienced by where you live. Therefore, before committing to a specific brand or type of central air conditioning for your home, it is best to be aware of the facts shared below.

Your Climate Will Impact The Type Of Air Conditioner You Will Benefit From

It is important to note that since there are several different types of central air conditioning units, you should be aware of specific attributes of each as part of your decision-making process. For instance, if you live in the deep south, you might run your air conditioner for most of the year.

In that instance, paying the extra money to obtain the most energy-efficient unit is a good plan and the energy savings could compensate for the cost of the new unit within a few years. Conversely, if your summers are not that hot or long, it could be many years until you are able to recoup the expense of installing the most energy-efficient central air conditioning units. In that case, choosing a less expensive unit that is not as energy-efficient as its counterparts might be a better choice.

The most energy-efficient central air conditioning units tend to be the most expensive and can be recognized due to their seasonal energy efficiency rating, or SEER. Higher SEER ratings indicate increased energy efficiency and are more affordable to use.

Forced-Air Heaters Can Usually Be Easily Modified To Use A Central Air Conditioner

It is often surprising to learn that installing central air conditioning into a home that already has a functioning forced-air heating system is not nearly as time-consuming or expensive as it would be for homes that use baseboard or boilers for heat. That is due to the fact that it the new air conditioner can be created by merely adding a new component, usually a coil, to the existing forced-air system.

That new component allows cool air to be produced and circulated through the same vents the heater uses. After making some changes to the electrical system, your air conditioner could soon be cooling your entire home. However, if your home doesn't have vents or ducts, it will be necessary to permit extra time and funding for the air conditioning experts to install those important items.     

In conclusion, central air conditioning is usually a quieter and less expensive way to cool your home than the use of multiple window units throughout your home. Therefore, when you are ready to upgrade your air conditioning at home, it is a good idea to consider the information discussed above. For more information, talk to a professional like One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating.