Tips for Maintaining a Geothermal Heating System

A geothermal heat system is a form of very clean energy that takes advantage of the stable temperature several feet underground to exchange heat with the earth through the use of a ground heat exchanger. Geothermal heat systems can be very efficient and cost effective, but they do need to be maintained. If your facility has a geothermal heat system, use the following tips to keep it in good condition: 

Keep Filters Clean

Much like many types of heating systems, geothermal heating systems connect to ducts that transfer warm air into a building. If order for this process to work properly, it is important to have clean air filters. Air filters for a geothermal heating system should be inspected regularly and changed when it becomes clogged with any type of dirt, dust, or debris. Ensuring that your air filters are clean and replaced regularly can help your geothermal heating system run better while preventing wear and tear from constantly being on.

Watch the Condensation Pans

A lot of the equipment used in a geothermal heating system is located underground, so it can't easily be seen. But one thing you should make sure to inspect every few months is the condensation pans. In order for a geothermal heating system to run properly, the condensation pans need to be clear of any clogs or blockages. When inspecting the condensation pan, make sure to keep an eye out for algae. If you notice that algae is growing in the condensation pan, it is important to to have your geothermal heating system inspected and treated by a professional who is experienced in these types of heating systems.

Monitor the Thermostats

Thermostats on geothermal heating systems are typically not the same thing that you may be used to with a traditional thermostat in a home. Since the heat is coming from the earth, you may not be able to control the temperature as closely as you could with a regular HVAC heating unit. But it is still important to check the thermostat every few weeks; if the temperature is several degrees above you below what you set it at, you will most likely need professional service.

Don't Forget Regular Preventative Maintenance

A geothermal heating system can be very long-lasting and durable, but it still needs regular maintenance. Make sure that you schedule regular inspections of your geothermal heating unit by a licensed HVAC contractor to make sure that it is operating properly and does not need any immediate repairs. Click hear to read more about geothermal systems and their maintenance.